Sway Pole: “Drunken MastEr”A roller coaster of an acrobatic show with all its ups and downs, its thrills and waves of nausea – Noah takes us on a ride we will never forget! Normally a sweet soul with a talent for comical accidents, Noah has drunk more schnaps than is good for him and gets himself into a delightful mess of trouble. He decides to light the one lantern that is more tipsy and wobbly on its legs than he is. On top, 6 m off the ground, he sways and tumbles around the lamp, grabbing anything in reach – including people’s belongings! – swaying from side to side so far over the heads of the audience that everybody asks themselves: How come the thin pole doesn’t break? And how come Noah doesn’t fall down? (Especially while doing the one-arm handstand!) Ah, those are but a few of the secrets of the Drunken MastEr….

​​(About 10 minutes; Outdoors: around 20 minutes; Height: 6 m (min. 5,8 m); Stage: 2.5 m diameter)

Sway-Vienna-Small-Turned sway-pole-Handstand-Chassepiere
One-Arm-Hang Vienna-Flag-Smaller


sway-pole-Lever-Husum swaypoleyoutubeNoah on the German TV show “Karnevalissimo”