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Technical RiderMe-in-Oostende-Belgium

For Indoor Performances: At indoor performances, I generally start around 2 hours before the audience arrives. I appreciate help in unloading my heavy equipment. Please inform me of any obstacles such as stairs and elevators, which can considerably increase the time for unloading and setting up. The pole rig requires 2 m in diameter of space on a solid floor. I bring my music on a cd and need a 20-minute rehearsal with the technicians. These are general guidelines; please do not hesitate to call or write me to ask any technical questions about your event.

For the SWAY / fibreglass pole Dunken MastEr (8 minutes, longer if needed): I need at least 6 m height (absolute minimum: 5,80 m). I sway about 3.5 m in 4 directions: to the left and right, to the front and back (not in a circle), so I can avoid obstacles hanging in the air such as a light, etc. The pole base or “rig” stands on the floor, no anchoring is necessary. This act is usually performed in or near the audience and is set up before the guests arrive, but after the show it can sometimes be rolled over a flat surface with a 2 m wide path (with no obstacles such as steps). I need light on the whole pole and above it, around 6 m from top to bottom, and about 3 m to either side. Because this is a large area, a follow spot is ideal.

For the CHINESE / metal pole Lantern Lighter (about 7 minutes): I need 2x2 m for the pole rig. For this act, I like to have a stage of 4x4 m, but if that is not available, I can do the entire act on my 2x2 stage (rig). The ideal height of the metal pole is about 4,75 meters, but I can shorten it in a lower room. (For example, if the room 4,4 m high I can set up a 4,25 m pole.) Minimum height: about 3 m. I can roll the pole on stage and back off stage over a flat surface with no obstacles, which takes about 30 seconds. I need light on the whole pole and the stage, preferred colors: blue and warm white (skin color). A follow spot is recommended. Light cues will be made before the show. Other set-up possibilities for the Chinese Pole (must be discussed in advance): I have a smaller rig that is 150 cm in diameter, perfect for small theaters or locations.

For Outdoor Performances: At outdoor events the sway pole show is normally 15 - 20 minutes. I need to drive to the performance spot to unload my heavy equipment. I need about 2 hours to set up and prepare for the first show and a dressing room as close as possible. (I can also use my van for this purpose.) I need 220 V electricity for my PA sound system (I have 40 m of cable). The pole should be set up so that the sun is not behind me, which blinds the audience when they look up at me on the pole. For performances in the late evening I need light. It is possible to perform on cobblestones and grass, but I prefer a clean, hard surface.


I need 2x2 m for the pole and around 3x3 m space to do my show (including the pole), and naturally space for the audience. For obvious safety reasons, I cannot perform when it is raining. When it stops raining, I can dry the pole in 10-15 minutes and start the show.

Royal Flush: 6 m height, approx. 20 minutes (shorter versions are also possible)

Pirate of the Carob Bean: 6 m height, approx. 20 minutes


This is what Noah sees when he is performing